Dosing of RUCONEST® is weight dependent and one dose is, therefore, based on patient weight as follows; <42kg = up to 1 vial, 42-84kg = 50 U/kg (up to 2 vials), >84kg = 2 vials. The clinical efficacy of C1-INH replacement therapy in the treatment of acute attacks is dose dependent10:

  • Beginning of relief of symptoms
  • Time to resolution of symptoms
  • Response rate within 4 hours
Dosing by body weight
Body weight
RUCONEST® dose for IV injection
Volume (mL) of reconstituted solution (150 IU/mL) to be administered
<84 kg (185 lb)
50 IU per kg
Body weight in kg divided by 3
≥84 kg (185 lb)
4200 IU (2 vials)
28 mL


  • RUCONEST® is administered by slow intravenous (IV) injection over approximately 5 minutes
  • Patients may self-administer RUCONEST® after receiving appropriate training by a qualified healthcare professional
  • RUCONEST® should be administered immediately upon recognition of an HAE attack

For information on reconstitution and administration please consult the SmPC

Reconstitution and Self Administration

Instruction for the preparation and self-administration of conestat alfa (RUCONEST®)